Panic Attacks, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety Disorders The Amygdala is The Cause.

The amygdala Is a small almond shaped organ in the brain and is part of the limbic system. It acts like thermostat regulating amongst other things, our normal baseline level of anxiety. As anxiety levels rise in response to stresses such as bereavement, work stresses or money worries for example. The amygdala’s level is pushed up to the high level zone.

Under normal circumstances this level returns to normal after the stressing event has passed. When the stress or anxiety is relentless the amygdala remains stuck at the high anxiety level. It becomes instinctual; the subconscious mind which controls all of the automatic body functions thinks that this level of anxiety is appropriate and normal. You are aware consciously that it is not.

With this new anxiety level come sensations and symptoms of anxiety disorder and maybe panic attacks, phobias and disturbing thoughts.

In order to reverse these changes it is necessary to re-program the amygdala. Because the amygdala on responds to direct input it is necessary to address the amygdala directly, eliminating anxious behavior and replacing it with non-anxious behavior.

The Linden Method of treating panic attacks  achieves exactly that. It shows you exactly what you need to do today to remove the inappropriate anxious response tomorrow and it can be that fast.

Once your subconscious has this new set of rules it can’t turn back.

The fact that the amygdala is integral in controlling anxiety levels is common knowledge amongst scientists’ the world over and this is confirmed by mental health practitioners, psychiatrists, psycho-physiologists and neurologists.

No matter how bad your symptoms are, no matter how long you’ve had anxiety and no matter how terrifying your panic attacks are, this tiny organ is one hundred percent responsible.

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