Natural Remedy for Anxiety

Finding a natural remedy for anxiety that works for you is very important. You may need to explore various options to find what gives you the best overall results. You may find that a combination of two or more natural remedies is what it takes for you to feel more at ease than before.

Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts

The central element of such anxiety is that the individual feels there is no way they can be like everyone else in a social setting. They worry about talking in front of others, they worry about falling in front of people, and they have a fear of creating some type of embarrassment for themselves.

Focus on what negative thoughts you have when it comes to a social event or even being in a given environment. Then change those negative thoughts into positive ones. You will have to do this consciously until you find that you aren’t experiencing the negative thoughts as often as you used to. Find positive qualities about yourself that you can use to continually remind you of all you have to offer that others around you will enjoy.

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Control your Breathing

When you are anxious, your breathing is different then normal. Controlling your breathing is a great way to reduce anxiety. This natural remedy for anxiety is one you should practice. Then when you feel anxiety increasing, you will know how to implement them. By balancing your breathing, you will have the right amount of oxygen in your body. You will also be able to reduce the symptoms of your heart racing and dizziness.

Count slowly as you take a breath in and as you let it out. Your focus should be completely on the task of breathing. By doing so, you will also prevent your mind from focusing on negative thoughts. It does take discipline and practice thought. Try to control your breathing when you are calm so you can get some experience with this natural remedy for anxiety.

Face the Fear

Avoiding social situations is common when you suffer from anxiety. However, if you face the fear you will be able to regain control. This can be one of the hardest natural remedy for anxiety options to follow through with. However, it can also be the most effective. It can allow you to regain your life back and not be under the constant worry about how anxiety prevents you from doing what you would really like to.

Identity what you are afraid of and then break it down into smaller pieces. You won’t be so overwhelmed by it if you go this route. You can also try small social settings for very short periods of time. This natural remedy for anxiety is one that can help you to build confidence. As you feel better, you can try new social settings for longer periods of time.

Reward yourself for the effort you put into it. Don’t beat yourself up when you have anxiety. Instead, talk yourself through it and do what you can to reduce the problem. If you avoid dealing with the anxiety it is going to continue to spiral out of control.

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