Can You Cure Panic Attacks?

Conventional medicine will mostly offer two choices to cure panic attacks: psychotherapy and drug therapy. These are usually treatments of the symptoms of a panic attack and don’t address the root cause. In isolation these therapies are mostly unsuccessful in a permanent cure of the condition.

Some people find it is possible to gain relief using self help techniques. These include relaxation, exercise and talking to others in support groups. But once again if the techniques are stopped the panic attacks resume.

Research has shown that help with some forms of anxiety disorders can be gained through counseling this is particularly true in the short term. A counselor will typically discuss your problem and help you focus on achieving your own personal goals regarding your panic attacks.

Drug therapies prescribed by your doctor may include tranquillizers. These may give some relief of stress related symptoms but should not be taken for prolonged periods as there is some risk of addiction. Drugs such as Busiprone can relieve the anxiety and is not thought to be addictive but can have different side effects.

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There are other symptom suppressing drugs that may be prescribed by your doctor such as beta-blockers. They again however do not address the underlying psychological cause of the panic attack symptoms.

Unless the root cause of the panic attack symptoms is addressed they can turn into a panic attack disorder which is self perpetuating cycle of anxiety and panic attacks.

There are Highly Effective Drug Free Alternatives to Cure Panic Attacks

All of the above may have some short term benefit to the sufferer as they can suppress or relieve some of the distressing symptoms of a panic attack. However the side effects and danger of addiction to some of the prescribed tranquilizers means that they cannot be recommended as a long term panic attack cure.

One dictionary definition of “cure” is “a permanent restoration to health”. Clearly the treatments mentioned above do not treat the root cause and are only effective for as long as they are taken so by that definition aren’t really a cure at all.

The great news is, there are effective treatments that can achieve a full panic attack cure. These address the underlying subconscious cause of the anxiety and remove the psychological trigger of the panic attack.

They vary in technique but they achieve the common objective of removing the cause of the disorder. One uses advanced cognitive techniques based in traditional psychology. While another uses a process of training that readjusts the brain to appropriate and healthy levels of anxiety. These are both extremely effective and are documented to be an effective panic attack cure.

They are among a number of effective panic attack cures that will not only relieve you from a distressing and debilitating disorder but will free you from the cost and time of expensive recurring medicine and counseling regimes.

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