How to Stop a Panic Attack

Learning how to stop a panic attack can help you to enjoy life more and more. The level of anxiety can continue to increase if you don’t do all you can to stop it. By having control, you will feel like you can enjoy socializing and developing stronger relationships with people.

Identify your Triggers

It can be tough to take a very close look at your thought process, but you need to. Negative thoughts can create havoc for you socially. How to stop a panic attack involves being able to identify the triggers in your life that cause anxiety. Examine why they are so influential and then develop a plan to offset them. Remind yourself about your good qualities and do what you can to boost self confidence.

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Behavior Modification

Once you have identified your triggers, you can use behavior modification. Many people find this is an effective method for how to stop a panic attack. Every time they find they are falling into that same old pattern again, they will be able to change their behaviors. For example when they feel that everyone in the room is looking at them, they will tell themselves that isn’t really what is taking place.

Over time, the positive behavior will be the one that a person things of instead of the negative behavior. A big part of behavior modification being successful though involves developing more self confidence. Too often, people assume that how to stop a panic attack is to simply stop taking part in social activities. That isn’t the way to go about it though as you will find anxiety mounts. Many people also start to feel depressed due to a lack of social interaction.

Focus on Breathing

Learning to slow your breathing down can help you bring your physical symptoms of anxiety back under control. Practicing the following breathing exercise will help you stay calm when you feel your level of anxiety increasing. Practice sitting in a chair with your back straight and relax the shoulders.

Slowly take in a breath for about four seconds. Hold the breath for 10 seconds and slowly let it back out. Take the breathes in through the nose and let them out through the mouth. The goal is to take in as much air as you can, and then to force as much of it back out as you can. This is a great method for how to stop a panic attack.

Believe in Yourself

Anxiety often stems from nothing having any belief in yourself. The fear that others are talking about you, that they won’t embrace you, or that you will embarrass yourself can be overwhelming. Focus on your good qualities though and you will find that your self confidence increases. You will also find that by doing so you will be able to reduce anxiety.

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