Anxiety is a universal experience. Everybody who lives on earth has had anxiety from time to time and in different situations.

There is usually two components to anxiety. There is the tray anxiety which is the background level of anxiety and which can vary from individual to individual. Some people are anxious about lots of things, rather cautious people. Some people are much less anxious much more laid back.

Anxiety only becomes a problem if it is much more severe or frequent than you are used to or can tolerate. Then it can escalate to Anxiety Disorder.

The symptoms of anxiety really can be split into two major components that are the physical and emotional symptoms.

On the physical side it can affect almost any part of the body and any system of the body. So the most common ones are of course are: shaking, sweating, feeling your heart pound, difficulty in breathing, breathing rapidly, muscle pains, headaches, feeling of tension etc.

Emotional symptoms are often a feeling of impending doom, a loss of control, fear of going mad or of doing something inappropriate.

Anxiety is a symptom, it’s not a diagnosis in its own right and so it can accompany a whole range of psychological conditions which can range from depression, phobic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders and other psychological problems. The important thing is that it is recognized.

Treating panic attacks can be easy, fast and permanent if the correct method is chosen.

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