The amygdala is the cause of your anxiety disorder, panic attacks and your phobias. Stress, bereavement and life circumstances are just the triggers or catalysts of the anxiety, the amygdala is the cause……

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You now know that anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias are the creation of an anxious mind. You also know that the symptom and sensations can’t harm you. If you decide to continue restricting your life because you fear sensations you will continue to be anxious. The choice is yours to make.

Wake up tomorrow invigorated and challenged by the excitement of your life and all the things you still have to do with it. Don’t allow your anxiety to determine what you achieve. Anxiety is nothing, you your life, your family are your focus not this pointless condition…….

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Now there is hope and there is proof. Through scientifically reverse engineering the solution, the cure has been identified and a structured program of recovery has been developed that has been used to eliminate panic attacks and anxiety disorders in tens of thousands of sufferers from across the world.

Ask yourself what you want out of life, what do you want to achieve, where do you want to be in four weeks from now, twelve weeks, twelve months. Determine all that you want, all that you want to stop and all that you want to start……

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Everyone at sometime has experienced anxiety. Its a universal experience. It is only a problem when the severity and frequency of anxiety is greater than is personally tolerable. Anxiety is not an illness in it’s own right but rather a diagnosis that accompanies a whole range of psychological issues…..

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Panic Attacks are sudden, sometimes unexpected episodes of intense anxiety where one feels a range of physical symptoms like: heart pounding, unable to breath, sick, numbness, tingling sensation, feeling you’ll lose control and die. They are extremely distressing…..

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